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fic: Chasing Time
PG/ G, I honestly don't know.
400+ words.

    Gerard’s finger fumbled its way to his pocket to grab a cigarette,
    a mad strike of anxiousness filling his gut.

    “I’m sorry, sir. But smoking isn’t allowed here.” Gerard completely forgot he is
    miles above the ground in a plane.

    “Just one more show.” He assured himself, closing his eyes.

        “I can’t come to the next show Gee. Something… came up.”
        Frank explained, not looking at him in the eye.

        “Care to tell why?” He was on the urge to disapprove, but he was being rational.

        Frank didn’t answer back but instead he lighted a smoke and shared it with him in silence.

    Gerard flipped his phone and started pushing some buttons.
    “Hey.” He was calm but he will make Brian spill it out.

    The next day he found himself outside Frank’s home at 4 AM.
    Their show was cancelled. He cancelled it.
    His fingers fumbled as he reach for the keys that Ray entrusted him before he took another plane ride.

        “...two months left.

    Brian’s voice echoed through his ears as he silently turned the knob in.

    The silence took over the house. He felt his need for another round of cigarette.
    He was nervous and worried. He could just wish he could smoke at such a moment.

        “He didn’t want you to know.” He almost hated his brother for keeping secrets from him.

    The living room was empty but decently clean. Frank was not the domesticated kind,
    but he knows how to put things in their proper places.

        “I’m sorry Gee. I will tell you soon.” Frank smiled innocently that it gave Gerard a heart burn.

    Now he was hoping to see that smile once more.
    And there he was, lying on his bed. Some pill bottles neatly arranged on his bedside table.

    “Frank...” Gerard softly whispered, trying to hold back the swell that started to burn in his eyes.

    Frank switched to his body, facing away Gerard. “I’m sorry. I only have...”

    “...I know.

    Frank didn't answer. It was a deafening moment of silence that seemed to last like forever.

    Gerard moved in a little closer to Frank and slid his hand to intertwine with his fingers.
    Frank was trying to hold back the swell that started to burn in his eyes.

    “We’ll spend every minute together Frank. I promise.
    Gerard finally said it out and felt Frank tightened his hold on his hand.

    And then all the tears just fell down.

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gah, I die.

I love the way you used flash backs, and I love how understated it all is.

Great stuff.

Thank You.

It's my first time to write short fics.

I'm glad you liked it. =]

I... I got sad.

Now I'm blaming you Ate for making me sad.
I need my french fries. ^_^

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