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Today and a meme to cut in between.
I was tagged by duzzie216  :DD

a. list seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
b. tag seven people to do the same
c. do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

1. I have all 5 alarm functions on my cellphone turned on with 15-minutes intervals on 'em. o__O Heck weird.

2. I don't like having colds because I have a freaking sinusitis, and it lasts up to a month.

3. I currently have chocolates stocked in my drawer. Gluttony much?

4. G. Way inspired me to draw. But I'm an epic fail though I have undying love with arts and everything, it just doesn't reciprocate me back. *cries in my emo corner* lol.

5. I once tried "spirit of the glass" [it's like Ouija board, only using a glass instead of a planchette]., oh well maybe twice. And found out that I have some kind of spirit protector. idk if it's true though.

6. I am kinda addicted to carbonated drinks and coffee.

7. I really want to be a forensic scientist. ~♥

And now I am going to tag...


I know bacteria and pathogens are part of this ecosystem.
My nose is stuffy since last night and I can't properly breath.
I'm literally breathing through my mouth -- like a goldfish taken out of the water. It's mad.
And I got my own copy of LOTMS yesterday *YAY!* after two long years of longing. It was like a newborn baby, I was squee-ing inside in delight upon receiving the glossy-wrapped DVDs. I couldn't be any happier. :DD

I've been cussing more often than I should lately. Gerard gave me the cussing virus, and it's infecting me bad. Maybe I should get me some medicine. x__X

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I really really wanted to be a forensic pathologist for years...until I realized that doing so meant I would be studying for 13 years. Too long.

I shall be doing this meme at my next post.

And breathing through your mouth isn't so weird - I mean, that's how I used to breathe normally, and still do a lot.

13 years?! o__O Yea that's way toooo long.

Breathing through the mouth is normal. But it is not when you can't do it at the same time with your nose. I look like a fish out of water. lol.

I already did this. xD

I wanted to be a forensic scientist but then I heard they don't get paid a lot so now I don't know. I know that sounds bad but it kinda sucks, lol.

lol. small pay DO sucks.
oh well, i might just be someone with a higher payback. :DD and your icon --> pwnsome!xD

thank ya! So is yours. xD

thanks for the tag I'll shall do it today

Wow I'm all late, and I probably won't even end up doing this because I hate giving people to much information about myself, but thanks for the tag hon. I miss talking to you.

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