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GHIII and Sky-High City
Today is fun and random. Why?
  • I finished Guitar Hero III career mode [easy level] in 3 hours. =DD I could never be any prouder. Yet I'm sensing that my fingers will soon have a bad strike of arthritis.
  • Day 2 of our Preliminary exams are done. Pharmacology was tough as sh*t. Having less than 3 hours of interrupted sleep to study 10 chapters almost made me cranky as a 4 year old brat.
  • I drank some energy drink and now I am twitching and hyper. xD
  • I got two postcards today. *yay!* I feel awful though for being too behind on my replies. I will make it up as soon as I get my hands free from school torture.
  • I made GWay graphics [a matching icon + banner] which I love so much. *points at icon*
  • I just discovered three Frank/Gerard fics that made my day  week awesome. ♥ I mem'ed all of it like it's the end of the world. See sevenfists for sheer pleasure.
  • My mom bought me a "yoyo", I am pretty clueless why though, probably for hitting some annoying people off. :D
  • I started researching for our project. I IZ PROUD. *smug* For I usually don't start things in advance. I'm like cramming and panicking.
  • My nephew could kill me 17194626275932893x for just being cute and adorable. He reminds me of someone *cough*special*cough* though.
*off to get a Valentine* ~~ ^__^
Well, not really.


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