Short Attention Span

OHAI there little creature~!

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I'm in the mood to...
...do nothing. LOL.
I feel like procrastinating since tomorrow will be the last day of Prelims. *glee~*

So... I bring you these!

From kyoy :

And this... grabbed from norwegianeyes :

Haha. I think it's pretty accurate. I'm nocturnal, yet a lazy bum.

And pretty pictures I took with my inherited camera HERE.
pearlsandtea is a nifty community, so I suggest you join for warm and fuzzies.

And Facebook is the new craze. If you have one, add me. =DD
I'm getting addicted with Haikoo Zoo app and my panda named Frankie. ♥♥♥

Me and Kristina (and Angeli, hopefully) will be going to Divisoria tomorrow to get something cheap. [yes, we're cheapskates. jk. practical rather. :D] I'm gonna get a new hoodie!!~ "For goodness sake, when did all this obsession over hoodies and jackets began?!?"

 I drove the car home today. I was in a sporting mood and tried to race with some dude in a fancy car. Haha. My mom was probably having a heart attack in the passenger's seat. LOL.

I can't stop grinning.
Because I have fic thoughts in my head.
A Frank/Gerard short fic brewing in my pot.
We'll see. :DD

Charmaine. - currently addicted to bandslash. oh well, frerard to say.

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how did you get to the add me page on facebook?
i can't figure it out.

Just provide the link of your profile page and i think that's it. :D

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