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OHAI there little creature~!

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I am getting my Wayfarers on Mondaaaaaaayyyyy!! xD I'm mad stoked. =DD *fingers-crossed* that they can be changed with prescription lens. booooo. I'm blind.

Market Market today with Keipi, had some photos for the postcards developed, paid for my wayfarers and we had some serious sh*t talk over our Oreo Mcflurry-ies. W/e. Ngh. It's still the same feeling whenever I talk about that "thing" -- it's depressing actually that I cried over it. But it's feels good afterwards. [No, sharing your depression is not good.] *shakes fist* Somehow you feel that you've let go of a burden. :] Thanks Keipz. And to you as well, you know who you are. *stabs Mr. :)*

But seriously,

Honestly, Thank you. I owe you guys big time.

Look how I made effort of saying that in gay sparkles with purple font. See how much I love ya both? xP~lol.

And to my HS friends. Damnit. The best parin kayo. Hehe. Salamat sa movie marathon! xD Lol. Sorii di ganun kasarap yung pasta, baliw yung nagluto eh. But I do hope you enjoyed -- nag-enjoy ako eh... sa mga sigawan niyo! Haha =)) House of Wax naman kasi.
@ LEA: Ambush alis na naman tayo next time.
As in yung spontaneous, naka-pambahay ulit. =P
@ MACKIE: Panakaw ako ng pics. :] Salamat.
@ EMZ: Salamat sa Chicha.
@ ALL: Salamat sa pagpunta. Na-miss ko kayong lahat. =)) Haha.
Sa birthday ko ulit, kung meron man.


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I loooove the glasses, they're so awesome!

Yes indeed! xD

And ooooh, you icon is love! :]

I'm so jealous, I've only got the rip-offs :/

Thank you :D

I also got the imitation one. But you can never tell the difference from afar. :D

I want a pair of those so badly but I never have money to buy them!

They sell like imitations of it here so it really cost cheap.

oh we have imitations here too but people always seem to spot the fakes ones. =(

Coooool. :]
I wanna change my frames.
Sadly, my glasses are falling apart--literally. The lens keep popping out since it's like, semi-frame less. Sad.
How've you been??

:] I've been through that same phase, my lens keep popping out so sometimes I have to carry on with one-lens less. It's really sad.

I'm doing great, but the weather here is terrible.

What's up with you? :D

Mmm, glasses~ ♥ You remind me that I really need to get my eyes checked uhuhuhu D: D: D:

I just dislike eye check-ups when they tell me that "WHOOPS. YOUR GRADES WENT UP!" *flails*


Same here XD *SIGH*

Ah, thank you~!!! <333

Happy Birthday! Haha! Wala lang :>

Hey, you had expressed interest in making winners banners for the community from time to time. This still something you're interested in, or have you had your fill of it? Doesn't matter to me, but if you like to make 'em, I can put you to work from time to time. Just let me know.

MIMAI!! lapit na birthday mo!! -aki

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