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OHAI there little creature~!

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*drumrolls pliz*

HELLO GAIZ!! *waves* How long had it been since I last posted on my LJ?

It might have been actually more than a year already. =| IMYOOOUU LJ and all of your awesomeness.

My college years are done and over but i'm prepping now for a licensure exam (BOOYEAH!)
So I guess i'll be catching up in a matter of weeks. See you then! XD

Wish me the best of luck! \^--^/

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YOU'RE ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!! I was worried you'd never use LJ ever again. XD

DIA_AREN_MARIE!!!!! *hugs*

Yezzz. I iz alive again. Haha. :P I missed LJ and everyone. How are you doing nyway? ^--^

Hi darling! :D

I just got home from Toycon 2009, actually. IT HAD THE MOST





pictuuuure pleeeeaze! :D

In due time darling~ in due time! (read: before Tuesday, hopefully xD)

You know what's funny? I totally understand your posts more now that I'm in your country :) It's like, the pinoy light has been turned on and I get it all!! Welcome back!

Loreeeeeeen!!! Thanks! *hugs* You're still in the Phils? Where?

Kamusta? :P

Cebu City! Been here almost 10 months now.. 17 more to go :) Planning a couple weeks to hit a few islands around me in July, a trip to Japan in October (those PAL promos are too good to pass up sometimes!) and heading home for 3 weeks for Christmas. I know I'll have to make it up to Luzon at some point... I want to see the rice terraces and Bagio.. maybe pick my own strawberries? Is that an option?! I def think hanging out should be planned for us.

OMG!! I'll be in Cebu later this week until the 26th, although i'm not so sure I can go out. :( Boohoo. I have to study for my board exams. :<

OOOOOH. JAPAAAAAN!! Haha. Take me in your luggage will ya? LOLZ. I've been wanting to go there since God knows when. :< Haha.

You really should visit Baguio, i've been there twice this year but only for a few days. I haven't been able to see the strawberry fields, but I think you can pick 'em by yourself!

And Yes!! We should hang out!! :D xoxo

hi, could you please unadd me?

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