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OHAI there little creature~!

Romance for the Soldiers Part III.
What you will be seeing next might give you a couple of heart attacks.
My posts doesn't have an insurance, so open at your own risk.
IPlease Comment and Credit xtrigger if you take/ save anything.
Karma hunts, me kills. K Thanx. ♥

You've been warned.

Romance for the Soldiers Part II.
"Well let's go back to the middle of the day that starts it all
I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling
And now the red ones make me fly
And the blue ones help me fall
And I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling
And as the fragments of my skull begin to fall
Fall on your tongue like pixie dust
Just think happy thoughts and we'll fly home
We'll fly home
You and I
We'll fly home."
-- Headfirst for Halos

ETA: Okay, there will be a Part III for the videos and pictures. Livejournal would probably me sue me for overposting.
See you at Part III. HERE.

Romance for the Soldiers Part I.
This would be post of randomness, failure, drama, epic and everything in between. No, maybe not failure. Because I will try to extract every memory there is to suffice this very long post I will be making for the first time in my life.

Give us revenge.Collapse )

So long...
Enough said.

Thank you. Thank you.

... and I really mean it.

MCRmy Ph.
we finally got what we deserve.
And it came right from his mouth.
It was surreal. Blah. And he's gay.
Writing on my arm and being haggard with that banner.
One word...

I'm off to my solstice. But I still can't sleep. I'm sore like death..
We've gots stalking missions to do in the morning. LOLOLOLOLOL.
TV Patrol tomorrow. Wah. Crazy crazy.


O Hai.

And I'm worn out like dead-beat. D=
We'll be streaming the week with a bowl of brain soup.
[ I am now fully convinced that my brain had turned into creamy stuff. EWW. ]
And to think I just failed on my Quiz today. (Cue: Epic Failure Week)

Of Secret Doors

The door creaked in silence
amidst the night's sheer ebony
an amber glow flooded
murmurs sounded like the cricket
a he and she shadows playing
softly motions swifting

the silhouettes moved
a watchful eye from afar
pupils dilating, a throbbing heart
slowly burning,
rising disgust

like a thunderstorm
it came rushing through the door
startled from their silent deeds
a shriek came from her throat

two hits was all it takes to end
the drama scene
still trembling
a pocketful of keys
she smiled at her bitter reality.

A thud and a click,
the door stayed innocently still
for two unfaithful hearts
came her bloodstained hands,
a sweet revenge. alas!
-- S. Blackstein
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Had fun with Allen, Dale and Perec on stickam tonight!
We talked for hours! XDDDDD~ Talked about ninjas, pirates and sharks!
And skittles! So much FUN!
And Allen and I planned on going to Tokyo [YEAH BB! TOKYO!!!] in the future to meet
and pwn the streets of Tokyo. =]]

I'm so stoked about it and my fingers are crossed!!

A meme a day, keeps insanity away.
Borrowed from frek:

1. The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post it in your own journal.

Here's mine... [of course, I can't resist not to edit it. xP]

I think having my band named ONE WORLD would be totally made of win.
And look at the title and cover of the album! Body, Nourishment and Refreshing. Sounds wonderful.

This is a late post and with a hint of salt and pepper to taste -- 2nd attempt.
Yes, you've read it right. 2nd EPIC ATTEMPT at writing this post. The first one just magically *poofed!* away together with the crashing of my Firefox system. ~KTHNX.

Let's get on with this and get ready to read and be bored. Y/Y?? But let me interrupt first with this multi-tasking discovery:

It just seems unfair. *weeps in the corner*

Okay, too much off-topic. Let's get back to this week's rundown.

MONDAY -- We had a Research and Thesis Writing Seminar. No Pharmacognosy, TechWri and Pharmacology class. YAY!~ No quiz! Recollection was postponed though. Seminar went alright, but I was surprised to find out how much moolahs we'll be spending in doing our thesis. I'm talking about thousands here! o__O I'm gonna go poor and hungry for the rest of my senior year.

TUESDAY -- No Manuf Lec. Absent Professors are <3. Lol. Sir Apostol = PWNS. Manuf Lab = Brand Name Clearance. And more of passive time. Had Confession in the evening as a requirement for the Confirmation. ~ "Clean and Sin-free." But when I got home, I had some WTF?!-screamo because I got too excited with something -- but I couldn't remember now what was it. *facepalm*

-- NO CLASSES!! XP So, TriNoma Bloggers Food Tour here I come to pig out. I almost killed myself for not bringing Zero (the camera.) ;__;

I'll edit later for the whole experience. [ I almost typo'd it to sexperience. Now see how my mind is being polluted.]

I bought two new pens to the family -- a black *i forgot the name* korean branded pen and an orange Staedler fineliner. I'm gonna call him Kio. [ I will have a hard time naming when I get the Staedler 24's Fineliners. XP] And,..


THURSDAY -- Pretty much the same routine every thrusday. But Sir Apostol saying, "Me, THE GENIUS." , a pack of strawberry chews and  letters & postcards made my  day. ★

As of today, school was still the same shizz. First quiz of the year on PharEco -- and I'd say that I did good.
I visited the library to look for a topic for our TechWri // Pre-thesis Preparation but all I had was a headache. Angeli and I had a little cough*yaoi*cough convo while waiting in line to get our lunch. I was too happy that I think I said the word FOURSOME too loud. ~LULZ. XP And I had some weird experience with the autoload-ing -- errr... the kuya was somewhat stalker-ish and he typed in my number before I finished writing it. "WTF? Did he memorized my number?!?" *shrugs* o_O creep.

And now I'm gonna go back to my Youtube and watch NCIS season 5 episodes, after sidetracking to DL some sidebar gadgets for my desktop and download more PD episodes at downloadcomplex, *plugs shamelessly*.

Panic! at the Disco just removed the ! in Panic. But I think you all know that.
And their new album is named "Pretty. Odd." And I like.
Perez Hilton addressed Ryan as a lesbian. lmao.
Spencer is a bearded lady.

But I still don't have a topic.
And I still have to make my post about the food tour.
And we still have a practice tonight for tomorrow's confirmation.
And I want to join a challenge community.
And I still need to make the PhCog Glycosides Tabulation.
And type the examples for TechWri.
And I just said YES to make a design for the MCRmy Ph armbands.

So where's the salt and pepper? -- I honestly don't know. It's outside the galaxy perhaps.
And I think my liver just had a failure and died on me.

Go ahead and make your pic Jess.
P!ATD icons
[003] Brendon Urie
[008] Jon Walker
[001] Brendon Header

Comments, Concrit and Credits will make my day.
Please do not hotlink or claim them as yours. D:
Kindly tell me if you're the owner of some of the textures,
I will be more than glad to give you credit for it. =]]

I'm sorry Brendon, but Jon is more of a Diva than you.Collapse )

I'll catch up tomorrow with things. I'm tired like deadbeat. ;___;
*off to finish homeworks*


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