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OHAI there little creature~!

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こんにちは! 私のLJ への歓迎!
| O HAIZ THUR. It is I, Charmaine -- the most random person I know, IMHO. Lemme see if you can keep up your enthusiasm in reading my almost lame-ish userinfo.

I love to name things and sometimes mix-up the names or even forget them -- I have a very short attention span and a poor memory. I like my things black and my clothes black -- but I can tolerate some colors, except pink. Yes please, NO MUCH PINK fer me. kthnx.~

I'm a junior college student, who is has the ability to almost always procastinate and think nothing all at the same time. My college years would have been so boring if not for the saving grace of livejournal, letters & postcards, music, tv series, movies, cough*yaoi*cough, books, Blackstar-desu [my laptop] and other things valuable to me that I get to name. ^O^ And of course my online friends who made me sane, and sometimes insane, for the past three years.

I aspire to be a good photographer and a forensic scientist. stfu, my course has its own advantages despite the fact that I despise most of it. And I wish that at least somehow I have talents in art. I love art, but it seems to me that art doesn't love me back. *weeps in the corner*

I am currently in love with the Pie Maker, NED and Krispy Kreme donuts. And of course, caffeine.

~*Purple-haired boys are simply hard to resist.

Georik Zaberisk IS MY GIRLFRIEND
"Don't cha wish yer girlfriend was hawt like hurrr!!" 8D

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